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IL PIETRISCO PROSE: Facets of the Health Humanities

30 June

Facets of the

Health Humanities


Cecilia Beecher Martins

Chair: Rossella M. Riccobono

‘Film and the Health Humanities’

This fourth lecture of the Facets of the Health Humanities series, hosted by “Il Pietrisco” Prose, will see Cecilia Beecher Martins explores the fact that medical practices and dilemmas appear to have been represented in cinema since its inception. Thus surprisingly, or not, the centenary of Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) was celebrated by perhaps as many articles in medical journals as film reviews. One such medical article, Sacchi et al’s “‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari’: The Scientific Debate on Hypnosis and Its Legal Implications between the 19th and the 20th Century” (2020), concludes that “movies might be a useful tool to understand how audience perceives science and medicine nowadays and in the pastimes” (95). Moreover, healthcare professionals seem at home working with film, both for training and expression. The film excerpts and suggested exercises offered by Alexander et al in Cinemaducation Vol 1 (2005) and Vol 2 (2012) speak to the former. Documentary films like Muffie Meyer’s Making Rounds (2015) and Dan Krauss’s Extremis (2016) as well as the WHO’s Health for All Film Festival speak to the latter. While these are all praiseworthy endeavours, one cannot help questioning, could narrative medicine practices extend the application of film in health care training and practice?

With the participation of CECILIA BEECHER MARTINS



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